Leandro Shipping & Security Services ensures that all dangerous goods shipments will follow IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  • Local stations do not have authority to deviate from or change any requirements outlined in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations or 49 Code of Federal Regulations.
  • Dangerous goods are not accepted from unknown shippers.
  • Any substance which, as presented for transport, is liable to explode, dangerously react, produce a flame or dangerous evolution of heat, or dangerous emission of toxic, corrosive, or flammable gases or vapors, under conditions normally encountered in transport, are forbidden on any aircraft.
  • Dangerous goods will only be accepted at approved stations. Please contact your local Account Manager or the Delta Cargo Customer Service Center at 1-800-DL-CARGO (1-800-352-2746) for more details.
  • The following dangerous goods shipments will not be accepted for carriage on Delta Cargo:

Items forbidden in the IATA DGR under Subsection 2.1.

    • Radioactive materials that require ‘Type B’, ‘Type C’, or ‘Fissile’ packaging.
    • Hazardous waste
    • Lithium Batteries shipped as bulk under Class 9 UN3480 Section 1A and 1B
    • Shipments that contain 6.1 toxic substances in Packing Group I
    • Shipments bearing a toxic gas, Division 2.3.
    • Shipments containing All Packed in One packages that have been packed in an Overpack.
    • Self-heating commodities, including, but not limited to:
      • Meals (e.g. La Briute)
      • Coffee (e.g. Nescafe)
  • In addition to ticket office locations, the following Delta Connection Carriers will ONLY accept dry ice (up to 5.5 lbs) and UN3373:
    • Compass
    • ExpressJet
    • Endeavor
    • Republic Airline
    • SkyWest
    • GoJet