Quality One International Shipping Express Corp and all its members believe that providing honest, ethical, reliable and exceptional nationwide shipping services to our clients is our ultimate goal.

We, the persons involved in the transport of cargo, both nationwide and internationally, pledge to uphold the following principles and ideas:

  • We promise to always provide reliable and competent shipping services, both nationwide and international, and shall follow a strict policy of honesty, integrity, truth and justice in all our projects.
  • We shall constantly try to improve in all facets of our operations and promise to take all steps necessary to achieve this end.
  • We shall strive to be understanding and considerate of customer needs, and will consistently improve communication to better facilitate the public to further the industry’s fraternity, dignity and education.
  • We promise to endeavor to eliminate fraud, misrepresentation, unethical practices and deceit from the industry and to take due measures to convict any persons found guilty of the above.
  • We promise to give all members due procedure in the administration of association affairs, and shall promote competitive practices, while removing illegal restraint of trade from the industry.
  • We promise to make our employees’ health, welfare and safety our priority, and to recognize their human and individual needs.
  • We vow to fulfill all obligations set in Quality One International Shipping Express Corp’s contractual agreements.
  • We shall safeguard free ventures in a democratic society and promote the commercial practicality of small businesses.


What Are Ethics?

The code of conduct commanding any individual or group in the professional or personal world is known as ethics. Also referred to as a system or philosophy dealing with good and bad morals and values, which every organization must follow for a peaceful, harmonized society.

Why Do You Need a Code of Ethics?

  • To determine acceptable behaviors
  • To enable members to self-evaluate by using the code of ethics as reference
  • To provide a structure for professionalism
  • To promote high standards of practice
  • As a medium of occupational identity
  • As a mark of occupational maturity