Also known as marine cargo insurance, international shipping insurance or international moving insurance covers your goods in case they should be damaged or lost while shipping via ocean, air or land.

Regardless of how experienced and professional your international movers are the risk of damage or loss is always a possibility, which is why we highly recommend getting full coverage for your shipment.

Types of Insurance Coverage on Shipments

Leandro Shipping & Security Services offers on request a list and brief descriptions of different types of household shipping insurance.

All Risk Shipping Insurance: With this type of coverage, the insurance company repairs or replaces any goods that have been damaged due to just about any types of hazards—fire, theft, breakage, water damage, loss, etc. The only exceptions when ensuring a container through this method are those excluded specifically in the terms of the policy.

All Risk Shipping Insurance – Full Replacement Value Coverage at Destination: This comprehensive coverage is usually only available if your household goods are professionally packed by your overseas movers. This offers the full value of repair or replacement based on your destination—depreciation is not taken into account. Keep in mind, you may want to investigate values of your high-value items at your destination prior to choosing this option as you may find there’s a significant difference.

All Risk Shipping Insurance – Full Replacement Value, Lump Sum: With this type of coverage you would declare a lump sum that represents the coverage you wish to have for your shipment. Only the goods valued at a minimum price must be listed and provided to your insurance company. These items will be covered under the lump sum you declared and not considered additional value so long as the total declared value is not higher than the total replacement value.

Total Loss Shipping Insurance: This coverage only covers your loss if your entire shipment is destroyed or lost under circumstances such as a fire, an Act of God, missing vessel, etc. Individual items will not be covered.

Cargo Insurance Coverage vs. Carrier Liability Coverage

If your shipment has Freight Insurance:

  • You get back the full value of your shipment!
  • Shipping insurance claims are typically paid in 30 days or less.
  • There is no need to prove carrier negligence.

If your shipment has Carrier Liability:

  • You may not get back the full value of your shipment because each carrier has its limits on reimbursement based on freight condition and class of freight.
  • Carrier limits of liability don’t have any specific deadline to issue the payment of a claim.
  • Carrier negligence must be proven, and the delivery receipt should include notice of damage upon arrival. If you discover damage after the driver leaves, report it within 5 days and file a claim within 15.


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