We understand that rising cost from research and development, production and supply chain combined with stringent regulations are just a few of the challenges you need to overcome when working with healthcare logistics.

Our services, facilities, and transport networks comply with relevant healthcare quality standards and regulations, and our tailor-made, integrated supply chain solutions manage everything from raw materials to finished products in highly specialized and climate-controlled storage facilities and transport networks.


Our innovative supply chain solutions mirror the shift towards product transparency and direct delivery models from traditional distribution models in the billion-dollar global biopharma market.

Our GMP and GDP warehouse and distribution services include FEFO picking, clinical trial management, repacking, and display configuration, all controlled by our in-house pharmacists.

Delivery services eliminate costs and inefficiencies and include next-day delivery, direct-to-hospital department deliveries, 24/7 standby service, and recall management – all available in condition-controlled environments.

We work with biologicals, pharmaceutical products (prescription drugs, generics, controlled drugs, and over-the-counter (OTC) products), vaccines, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and clinical trial materials.

Medical devices and diagnostics

Managing the complexity of sourcing is increasingly important as manufacturing is outsourced in this multi-billion dollar market. Furthermore, hospitals and pharmacies need innovative services such as in-hospital replenishments, consignment management, and white-glove deliveries.

We have been providing tailored supply chain solutions and healthcare logistics catalog services to the medical devices and diagnostics market for more than 20 years. Services include orthopedic loaner kit management, consignment stock management, preparation of procedure-based carts, sterile picking, clean rooms, technical repair and rework centers, 24/7 standby service and spare parts management. Our broad base of medical device customers comprises all classes of devices (I, IIa, IIb, III).

Medical products and personal care

Our lean, flexible supply chain solutions to pharmacies, hospitals, and care homes meet your increasingly important need for value-added healthcare logistics services during delivery.

Direct delivery models and in-hospital services are key success factors in this fast-growing, high-volume market, which includes hospital consumables, high-end cosmetics, nutritional or clinical foods, latex gloves, and other disposables.

We operate dedicated and multi-user warehouse operations and manage regional distribution centers with our ‘control towers’, some of which manage over 1,000 shipments a day.

Services include packaging and repackaging, labeling and kitting (before shipping the goods for final delivery to the hospital ward where products are replenished by DSV), managing waste, returns, and stock levels, restacking based on the expiration date, and swapping products.

We are experienced in delivering your products to many different destinations: from pharmacies to retail outlets, as well as direct to patients.

Hospitals and care homes

Our efficient supply chain solutions improve visibility and reduce costs, which helps improve patient care in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and, increasingly, at home with the support of e-health solutions.

Our services include direct delivery to hospital wards, sterile goods logistics, drug management, operational procurement, laboratory logistics management of medical goods, disposal of hazardous waste, stock reduction programs, inventory management, warehousing, external and internal distribution, replenishment at ward-level and much more.

Pharma cold chains

Do you need temperature monitoring in your pharma supply chains to ensure the integrity of your product all the way to the user? This can be critical for pharmacists and other health workers because it’s their guarantee that the medicine they are dispensing meets the required standards while patients need peace of mind that the medicine, they are taking is safe.


Traditionally, transporting your pharmaceuticals has relied heavily on packaging to keep products safe and within prescribed temperature parameters. However, supply chains have become more complex over time as safety demands must increasingly coexist with cost and time pressures. Good Distribution Practice (GDP) adds yet more layers to the complexity. GDP requires medicines to be obtained from a licensed supply chain and then stored, transported, and handled under stipulated conditions.

We offer three different temperature zones for your cold chains: 15C to 25C; 2C to 8C; and -20C. As a specialist cold supply chain service provider, we tailor solutions to your unique handling and transportation requirements. Our brokerage services include a comprehensive network of qualified and compliant cold chain facilities and we are committed to exceptional service with every transaction.

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