FCL (Full Container Load)

Exclusive use of 20′ ocean containers and 40’ containers. A Full Container Load, FCL, is an international ocean freight service that is intended for shipments of cargo where the transporter has exclusive use of a container. When using a FCL ocean freight service, you have a variety of service options available to you. Ocean freight containers can be used to ship commercial cargo, palletized cargo, household goods, vehicles, and more.

As one of the top tiers in the global freighting network, we enjoy preferential contract rates offered to customers all over the globe. Leandro Shipping & Security Services’ customers can benefit from our preferred rates and a competitive choice of a variety of freight methods and approaches for their FCL loads from Suppliers all over North America and Globally with our professional network of over 12 years of experience.

Leandro Shipping & Security Services’ 135,000 square feet fully racked New York facility with 40 dock doors allows for holding and loading multiple Full Container loads for our customers. Our warehouse is geared to receive and handle various types and sizes of Cargo shipments. Racking for Small parcels and Pallets. Storage areas designated for large volume shipments and OOG cargo. The warehouse is also equipped with Reefer plugs to allow receiving and loading of Perishable cargo FCLs.

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